Thursday, June 09, 2011


House by Wenche Selmer in 'Norwegian Wood'

Six blooms on my orchid stem

Beautiful image from Nigel Peake's new book 'In the Wild'

I am off work this week and searching for inspiration. Thought I would share a couple images of my recent favorites. I finally acquired 'Norwegian Wood' by Elisabeth Tostrup. It's been out a couple years and features the architecture of Wenche Selmer. Dreaming of that house in the photo above. It makes me swoon a little every time I look at it. I had to throw in a photo of my orchid that finally bloomed again. It is a common type of orchid but still amazes me whenever it blooms. Nigel Peake's book 'In the Wild' is out and in shops all over town. I saw the actual pieces at Needle and Pens this weekend in San Francisco and got inspired. The photo above features one of my favorites from the show and book. I wish I had photos of two other things that are my favorites from this week: the robin that has been visiting daily outside my city window and the plant at my friend's apartment with the round leaves. Maybe I will draw them instead. ;)