Saturday, January 19, 2008


I have been experimenting with words in my collage/drawings. I remember someone saying in school how 'loaded' words can be in a piece of art and that comment stuck in my head all these years and kept me from trying to work them in. So silly, right? Anyway, here is a small one I am working on this week for the upcoming show.

Thursday, January 10, 2008

back in the studio

I am back working hard in the studio making some new collages for an upcoming show (watch for the announcement soon!). I thought I would share with you one that I have been working on. I used a drawing from my moleskine for this one and incorporated a bit of color.
I am squeezing every bit of time out of my week that I can for creating. My new job allows me to be in my home city (yeah! no more long cross-country work trips!) so I am able to dedicate much more time to my own stuff. It's been a great new change and I really don't think I have even felt the full impact of it yet. I will be busy for the next few weeks making new pieces. Watch for new posts here and on Flickr, as I will document work as I finish it.