Sunday, September 16, 2007

new web page

my friend Chris ( helped me with this simple web page that is now up and running. right now it just links to my photos on Flickr and this blog but eventually i will make it a real site. i feel like just doing this simple thing was a huge task and i can't imagine the work that lay ahead of me. i am excited and hopeful for the future and grateful for all the feedback and help that i have had.

Sunday, September 09, 2007

focus, focus, focus

My time is limited this month as I am traveling back and forth between San Francisco and New York every weekend for work (by choice!). Traveling is an odd thing. You hurry, hurry, hurry and then you sit and wait and wait and wait. I am fully prepared for the waiting with a big knit project (a simple sweater, watch for posts of it coming soon!) and can completely focus on that while I fly or relax before bed, but I am struggling to focus on other projects that are actually more important. Happily, I was able to squeeze in some work on more collages this weekend and I was able to actually finish and photograph the one shown here (rosemary in white; pencil, ink, thread and mixed media on paper; 7" x 7")
I am off to the airport again shortly and hope to get a wee bit of work done before that. Wish me luck! I will try to post this week while I am in NYC.